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ERU Goudkuipje

This cheese spread has been an indispensable part of a Dutch breakfast or lunch for over 60 years. Perfect on a slice of bread or on a cracker. ERU Goudkuipje is available in 5 different flavours.

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ERU Balans

ERU Balans is a low fat cheese spread with a hint of yoghurt. Creamy, soft and deliciously fresh. Available in 7 flavours. Spread on your cracker or sandwich or use our light cheese spread as a base for a fresh pasta sauce.

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ERU BioGouda

ERU BioGouda is made from the best organic Gouda 50+ cheeses. ERU BioGouda is available as cheese spread in a 100-gram tub. ERU BioGouda Slices are also part of the organic line and make your toastie even tastier!

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ERU Prestige

Pure pleasure: our extra mature cheese spread. We make this piquant mature cheese spread from cheeses which have matured for more than 16 months. The soft, creamy texture makes ERU Prestige easy to spread on your cracker or on a slice of bread.

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ERU Kids

Is your baby starting to eat bread? Our mild cheese spread for children is the ideal topping. Rich in calcium and contains less fat and sodium than ordinary cheese spreads. Specially developed for all children over the age of 6 months.

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ERU Slices Cheddar

ERU Slices Cheddar are handy and individually packed. The slices are creamy in texture. The cheddar melts easily, so the slices are ideal for in a toastie. Try our slices on your hamburger or nachos, too. Available in the flavours natural, sambal and herbs.

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ERU Cheese Specialties

This specialty cheese has four characteristic flavours: ERU Chèvre doux, ERU à la Truffe, ERU Crème au Bleu and ERU Crème de Brie. Made from the best cheeses and creamy in flavour. Spread on a slice of bread or on a cracker with drinks. You can also make delicious meals with these cheese spreads. Try them as a base for a pasta sauce, for example.

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