3x appetisers

What do you serve when you invite guests for drinks? We have three delicious recipes for you. These dishes are not only easy to make, but you will also surprise your guests! For example, try making stuffed sweet peppers with fruit bread or crostini with carpaccio, rocket and pine nuts.

1. Stuffed sweet peppers with blue cheese and fruit bread

Surprise your friends and family with stuffed sweet peppers with blue cheese. Delicious with sweet fruit bread.

Kletzen bread with spreadable cheese and walnut

2. Crostini with carpaccio, rocket and pine nuts

These crostini with carpaccio and ERU à la Truffe are easy to prepare and a surprise on your plate of appetisers. Finish the crostini with rocket and pine nuts.

Crostini with carpaccio

3. Filled meatballs with blue cheese and fig jam

Want something different to have with drinks? Fill your meatballs with blue cheese and serve with a fig sauce. Guaranteed success!

Stuffed meatballs with cheese spread