2 x breakfast to go

Do you eat breakfast on the go? A healthy breakfast to go doesn’t need to be hard to prepare. We’ve got 2 quick and easy ERU Balans breakfast recipes for you. With these two recipes, you can easily prepare a nutritious breakfast to take with you.

Tip: at the beginning of the week, make enough for several mornings in advance and save this in the fridge. That way you can take it easy in the morning and you won’t be pressed for time.

Easy and healthy breakfast to go recipes

1. Savoury breakfast muffins

Nutritious breakfast muffins with ERU Balans Chives, egg and bacon. Just keep them in the fridge and you have a deliciously nutritious breakfast for the next day. Ideal!

Savory muffins with bacon and egg

2. Energy balls with dates, linseed and coconut

At the start of the week, make enough energy balls for several days, so that you can enjoy a healthy morning snack all week.

Energy balls with coconut grate