5 x to go lunch inspiration

What do you take with you for lunch? We’ve got some lunch to go inspiration for you. Easy to prepare and take with you, so that you know you’ll have a healthy lunch. A varied lunch is quick to prepare with ERU Balans. From wraps to couscous salad, to energy balls and sandwiches. All to go in your lunchbox.

Healthy and easy recipe inspiration

1. Couscous salad with dried fruit

Want to try something different? This couscous salad is filling and easy to take with you in a container. Take the dressing separately so that your salad stays nice and fresh until you eat it.

2. Creamy pasta salad with ham and celery

Got a long day ahead? Then this pasta salad is perfect for lunch. This recipe is easy to make, using just a few ingredients.

Pasta salad with onion and celery

3. Wraps with chicken and avocado

Wraps are ideal food to go! Why not replace your crackers with these wraps. Spread with ERU Balans Red Pepper and top with smoked chicken, avocado and sweet corn salsa. These wraps are easy to prepare and handy to take with you.

Wrap with chicken and corn salsa

4. Sandwich with grilled vegetables

This sandwich with grilled vegetables and ERU Zomerbalans Pesto is delicious and healthy. The evening before, wrap the sandwich in foil and put it in the fridge. An ideal sandwich to go!

Ciabatta with ham and eggplant

5. Healthy energy balls

These energy balls give you a boost for the second half of the day. At the start of the week, make enough so that you’ve got something to take with you for the rest of the week. A delicious and healthy snack!

Energy balls with coconut grate