Crème de Brie

This cheese spread is made from real brie and has a creamy, mild flavour. Tastes delicious on bread or on a cracker with drinks. Want to try something new? Make a pasta dish with smoked salmon and a sauce using ERU Crème de Brie.

ERU Crème de Brie
ERU Crème de Brie

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Focaccia with brie and smoked chicken

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ERU Crème de Brie Available in tubs of 120 grams

Nutritional value per 100 grams

Energy (kJ) 1105 Energy Kcal 266 Fats (g) Of which saturated Of which saturated 22 15 Carbohydrates (g) Of which sugars 0,1 0,1 Proteins (g) 17 Salt (g) 2,6
Available in tubs of 120 grams