5 tips: Have a relaxed start to your day

We give you tips for a relaxed start to the day. Because unfortunately not everyone wakes up with a smile and a spring in their step. How do you start your day? Mornings can be tough for most of us. But change is on its way, because with these tips, that morning smile is closer than ever.

1. Clear your head before bedtime

The time when we should actually be going to sleep is often when we start thinking about things. So put a notebook on your bedside table. You can then write all your thoughts down and clear your head. No, no phone. 😉

2. Wake up in a light sleep

During the night, you pass through different sleep cycles, from a light to a very deep sleep. Waking up during a light sleep is when you feel most refreshed. You can do your own calculations, but there are obviously useful apps to do it for you.

3. Switch off all your screens

In the evening, we need to rest our eyes and brains. Try not to watch television or use your phone for an hour before going to bed. The light keeps us awake, making it harder to fall asleep. So choose a good book instead.

4. Fresh air works wonders

You only really wake up once you’ve had some fresh air. Get up five minutes earlier in the morning and create a ‘being outdoors moment’. A little fresh air does wonders in the morning.

5. The importance of a good breakfast

It’s true what they say: never skip breakfast! Eating breakfast triggers your metabolism and gives your brain more energy. Choose a healthy breakfast, like these breakfast muffins. Easy and quick to make and ideal for taking with you.

Savory muffins with bacon and egg