ERU Goudkuipje


This cheese spread has the warm, spicy flavour of cumin. Creamy and full in flavour. This seasonal variant is made from the best Gouda cheeses. Delicious on bread or added to a wintery endive and potato mash.

ERU Goudkuipje Cumin
ERU Goudkuipje Cumin

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Chicken bagel with ERU Goudkuipje Mustard

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ERU Goudkuipje Cumin Available in tubs of 100 grams

Nutritional value per 100 grams

Energy (kJ) 1007 Energy Kcal 243 Fats (g) Of which saturated Of which saturated 20 14 Carbohydrates (g) Of which sugars 2 1,8 Proteins (g) 14 Salt (g) 2,1
Available in tubs of 100 grams