Niels Langeveld

In 2016, Niels Langeveld switches to the European car racing adventure. From then on, Niels can be seen wearing his ERU Prestige cheese helmet. In his very first European debut year, he becomes the Seat Leon Eurocup champion. Three years later, Niels is racing at the very highest level of touring car racing: the WTCR.

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Exciting season for Niels Langeveld in TCR Germany

This season was Niels Langeveld’s second year racing for RacingOne in TCR Germany. After last season’s fifth place, this year Niels wanted to achieve more in this class. He made a strong start on the first race weekend in Oschersleben. On Saturday, he was 2nd and on Sunday he came in 3rd. On the second race weekend in Most, Niels drove the fastest lap, but was unable to reach the 1st place.


Niels gets 1st place at the Red Bull Ring and Circuit Zandvoort

On the third race weekend, Niels showed his mettle at the Red Bull Ring on the Saturday. He took pole position, drove the fastest lap and won 1st place. This brings Niels closer to his rivals. At his home race at Circuit Zandvoort, Niels also manages to put himself on the map on Saturday. Again, he wins 1st place. On Sunday, he drives the fastest lap but finishes 3rd.

After the fifth race weekend, all options are still open. Who would be this year’s champion? So far, Langeveld, Proczyk, Engstler and Halder are all in the mix. Over the sixth and seventh race weekends, Niels couldn’t manage a 1st place. On the sixth race weekend at the Sachsenring, Luca Engstler joined the fray, winning 1st place twice. On the last weekend, Niels managed a second place at the Hockenheimring, but it wasn’t enough. Proczyk was 1st on Saturday and 2nd on Sunday.

Eventually Proczyk won the championship, with Engstler coming 2nd and Niels winning the bronze. This season, Niels has got himself on the map. This was clear when it was announced at the beginning of 2019 that Niels would be racing in the WTCR next season!

Niels Langeveld moves to TCR Germany

Last season, Niels Langeveld won the championship in the SEAT Leon Eurocup. This season, he is moving to TCR Germany. He made his debut in this class with the team RacingOne in the Audi RS3 LMS.

On the first two race weekends in Oschersleben and at the Red Bull Ring, Niels was still getting used to things. On both race weekends, Niels got his first race points, but got a ‘ret’ in the second race. On the third race weekend, they were back in Oschersleben. This time Niels showed why he’d come: he came in 1st in the second race.


Niels takes first place at home race

On the 4th weekend of July, Zandvoort circuit is on the calendar. After the good results of the third race weekend, Niels also wants to take first place at his home race. On Saturday, Jason Wolfe takes the title. On Sunday, Niels regroups and shows what he’s made of. He takes the title and drives the fastest lap of all the drivers.

On the last three race weekends, Niels collects enough points, but he doesn’t reach 1st place. Niels ends this season in fifth place with 276 points.

Niels Langeveld wins championship in SEAT Leon Eurocup

Since 2016, ERU Prestige has been the proud sponsor of the ambitious Niels Langeveld. From a young age, Niels has been passionate about motor racing, which is why he started racing in 2008. After the Suzuki Swift Cup (2010) and Renault Clio Cup (2012 NL & 2015 NL/BE) championships, this season he took on the challenge of European motor racing. And in his debut year, he’s become champion in the Seat Leon Eurocup!


Niels leaves rivals behind

It was an exciting season. Most of the points were shared between Mikel Azcona, Stian Paulsen and Niels Langeveld. All three won one of the first three races. On the third racing weekend at the Paul Ricard circuit, Niels left his rivals behind for the first time, winning on both Saturday and Sunday.

The next weekend saw his rivals back in the race, taking first and second place. During the fifth race weekend at the Red Bull Ring, Niels took first place on the Saturday. The following three races were won by a Frenchman and an Italian. On the final race weekend in Barcelona, Niels was first on the Saturday. By finishing in the points on the Sunday, after 7 race weekends Niels was champion with 240 points!