3x nachos with cheddar cheese

Feel like hot nachos with cheddar cheese? This hot snack is ideal for an evening on the couch or with drinks of course. Do you love them too, or are you looking for inspiration? Be surprised by these delicious three variations.

The difference between cheddar and grated cheese

Do you usually use grated cheese or slices of ordinary cheese? Try cheddar cheese on your nachos and you’ll see that it melts easily and is full of flavour. These slices are individually packed, so you can decide how much cheese you use on your nachos. Because the cheddar melts easily, it spreads over the nachos and doesn’t burn so easily.

Recipe inspiration

Feel like a spicy variant? Try ERU Slices Cheddar Red Pepper on your nachos. These cheddar slices are just as creamy, but with added spice! For extra flavour, add red onion, tomatoes and jalapeño peppers. Want to see the full recipe? View it on the recipe page.

Tips to vary with Cheddar

You can vary endlessly with nachos by adding different toppings for example. Make some guacamole, tomato salsa or a fresh herb dip. As well as toppings, you can also add minced beef to your nachos to make it more filling.

Mexican variant with beef and beans

Try the Mexican variant. For the Mexican variant, first fry the beef. Then add the beans and sweet corn and cook for a few minutes. Mix together with tortilla chips and bake in the oven. And don’t forget the creamy cheddar cheese which finishes it all perfectly!