Healthy topping for your baby’s first piece of bread

Your baby is ready for its first piece of bread. Have you thought of cheese spread? We will give you some tips for healthy bread toppings for your baby. Because after around 6 months or older, your baby needs more than just milk. Time for their first sandwich!

Try it out

Start with a crust from light brown bread. This introduces the intestines to fibre. You’ll see how your baby starts to suck on it. The next step is to offer a piece of bread without the crust. Once your child accepts this, they are ready for their first piece of crustless bread with a spread: ERU Kids.

Vary with flavour and structure

Because your baby can’t yet chew properly, a spread is a good option. It’s important to vary so that your baby gets to know different flavours and structures. And we like to vary our food too. Besides cheese spread, jam and peanut butter are good alternatives for your baby’s first piece of bread.

ERU Kids contains less salt

You want to give your baby as little salt as possible. ERU Kids is naturally rich in protein, has less saturated fat and contains les salt (sodium). In fact, it contains 53% less salt than ordinary cheese spread.

Children get energy from healthy food. This is very important for their development, concentration and performance. Cheese is an excellent source of calcium, vitamins and protein. For example, protein and calcium contribute to healthy muscles and build strong bones and teeth.

A healthy choice

The Netherlands Nutrition Centre recommends using 30+ cheese spread on your baby’s bread because it contains less salt. This makes ERU Kids the perfect and balanced topping. A sandwich with ERU Kids makes a healthy meal and falls into two of the five basic food groups.

Handy tips for preparing the first sandwich

Cut the bread, without crusts, into four small quarters. Offer the piece of bread with the spread onto the tongue, so that there’s less risk of it sticking to the top of the mouth. Another option is to put the piece of bread into the side of the mouth, near the cheek. Your baby will automatically make chewing movements and slowly eat the bread.

Did you know that…

Did you know that a portion of ERU Kids cheese spread

… contains less fat than a slice of 30+ cheese?
… contains less sodium than a slice of bologna?
… contains as much calcium as half a glass of semi-skimmed milk?