What’s in ERU cheese spread?

Does ERU cheese spread contain real cheese? Yes it does! For each flavour variant, we select the tastiest cheeses.

Our cheeses:

Gouda cheese

We make ERU Spreadable Gouda from the best Gouda cheese. Full of flavour and deliciously creamy. Be aware that ERU Spreadable Gouda with Red Pepper contains small amounts of shellfish and may cause an allergic reaction.

16 months matured vintage cheese

For our ERU Spreadable Gouda Extra Aged cheese spread, we use 16 months matured vintage cheese. This gives the cheese spread a uniquely piquant flavour.

Brie and Goat Cheese

For our other delicious cheeses, we use real creamy brie cheese and the best a creamy and sweet flavour goat cheese.

Unique cheese flavour variants

The best quality cheeses form the basis for our cheese spreads. We also supply various surprising taste variants. For example, red pepper for extra spice.